​Board of Directors

TASC is governed by a Board of Directors who are members of the community that represent a wide selection of interests.  These individuals are free of conflict of interest, professionals, persons receiving services or family members, and interested citizens.   The board recognizes the importance of ethical considerations in providing services and conducting business.  To that end, the board has adopted 4 pillars of ethical values that drive their decision-making processes and policy development.

     ~ Trustworthiness
     ~ Responsibility
     ~ Respect
     ~ Caring               

TASC Inc. Board Members

     Dr. Steven Perkins (physician) President

     William (Bill) Shafer (attorney) Secretary/Treasurer

     Betty White (family) Member

     Ray Whalen (banker) Member

        Ellen Mellick (psychiatric nurse practitioner) Member​

     Brian Houlihan (business/family) Member

     Mike Myers (CEO/business) Member

     Keeli Ward (family) Member


Board of Directors