TASC Inc.  

​TASC, Inc. is a diverse organization made up of people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds with different values and experiences.  TASC appreciates human beings in all of their diversity and offers assistance to individuals within the context of their community and environment.  As an organization, we strive to achieve the highest ethical practice.  This aspiration extends to all relationships, including our behavior toward each other.  Employees, volunteers, consultants, and board members should recognize and respect the racial and cultural diversity of communities in which they practice, taking into account individual, family and group differences. 

TASC has established a Code of Ethics that is designed as a guide for assisting the TASC community in determining how to respond to ethical issues during the day to day interactions of staff, volunteers, consultants, board members, the agency’s business, financial and marketing practices as well as supporting development, and maintaining a safe and caring environment.  Each staff member, volunteer, consultant and board member will be required to review and sign the code, indicating an understanding of it.

An employee/volunteer/consultant/board member’s ability to act ethically is an essential aspect of the quality of services which we offer to the persons we serve.  It is everyone’s responsibility to report alleged violations or a potential breach of the TASC Code of Ethics.  All complaints will be investigated by following the TASC Grievance procedure which outlines the time lines for investigations.   All reports of this nature will be kept confidential, and no reprisals to the reporting person will occur.  Allegations of violations to the Code of Ethics will be reviewed and corrective action may be taken.

TASC believes in the following value system:

  • Each person served is a unique person with rights and feelings and should be helped to achieve equality with respect to opportunities, access, leisure, responsibilities and other expressions of human fulfillment as anyone in their community or training environment.
  • Services should be provided in the least restrictive integrated environment as possible.
  •  Persons served in our programs should have meaningful input and choices at each step of their design and implementation of their services.
  • Positive reinforcements available in the natural environment or by arrangement via programming must have priority over restrictive procedures.
  • The same standards of program quality we would choose for ourselves or our  own children should also be used for programs for persons we serve.

Governance Authority:

~   The governance authority of TASC will be the Board of Directors
~    The TASC Board of Directors will strive to set an example of ethical practices and, through the Executive         Director, hold all organizational personnel accountable for the ethical practices outlined in this policy.
~    The Executive Director will also strive to set an example of ethical practices.  He/she will be responsible           for the day-to-day monitoring and enforcement of ethical practices of all other TASC personnel.
~    Board members who have other interests that conflict with that of the mission of TASC will declare what         the nature is of the conflicting interests.  The board member will not be allowed to vote or participate in         discussions associated with the conflicting interest.


                                                            BOARD MEMBERS

  • Will uphold all applicable laws and regulations to protect and/or enhance TASC’s ability to meet its mission and values.
  • Will make decisions based on the Mission Statement, Value System and by-laws to meet the needs of the persons served by the agency.
  • Will respect the value and dignity of all persons served, staff, volunteers, consultants, board members, other stakeholders of the community.
  • Will create/maintain a climate of loyalty, trust and mutual respect.
  • Will act in a spirit of compromise, support and agreement for meeting the desired outcome.
  • Will comply with all policies of the agency, including the Conflict of Interest statement.                 

Business and Financial Practices

  • Will be handled in accordance with  the applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • ​Will be conducted to promote/comply with the Mission Statement, Value System and By-Laws of the agency.
  • Will be conducted within the standards of commonly accepted, sound financial management practices.
  • Will promote responsible fiscal stability through the strategic planning process and annual budget review.
  • Will expect businesses who have a contractual relationship with the agency to support TASC’s ethical business practices, mission and values and to operate its business in like manner.

Marketing Activities

  • Will always respect the dignity and privacy rights of persons served and all stakeholders.
  • Will be conducted to promote and enhance the Mission Statement, Value System, and By-Laws of the agency.
  • Will never knowingly mislead/misinform the public or misrepresent the agency.
  • Will uphold the integrity of TASC, so as to merit the continued support and trust of the public.
  • Will not allow any staff member to solicit prospective persons who receive services from another provider.  However, TASC may provide informational materials if contacted.  There will be no efforts to recruit such individuals by making negative statements about the current provider or by stating the benefits of services provided by TASC.
  • TASC staff members shall not coach persons considering services to state they are dissatisfied with services provided by their current service provider or to request a change in service.
  • TASC shall not purchase gifts, meals, or make promises of special treatment in order to encourage prospective persons who receive services from another provider to change providers.


Professional Responsibilities

  • Persons employed by TASC will strive to set an example of ethical and high professional standards in carrying out their duties of providing care.
  • Persons served and their guardians shall be provided with information regarding the nature and extent of services available to them.
  • Relationships with persons served shall not be exploited for personal advantage or favors.  This includes borrowing or lending money, requesting personal favors, engaging in financial transactions or contracts which are not a part of agency approved programs and engaging in social relationships not related to TASC approved activities.
  • Staff members are expected to be truthful and forthright in representing facts about the day-to-day operations and interactions with persons receiving services.  Documentation will be accurate, reflecting activities or work completed.
  • Staff members who have other interests that conflict with that of the mission of TASC will declare the nature of the conflicting interests.  The staff member will not be allowed to participate in discussions or business decisions that are related to the conflicting interest.
  • The Personnel Handbook will outline the expectations of all staff members behavior while performing job related activities.  Included in the code of conduct policies regarding gifts, exchanging of money or valuables and gratuities.  Those policies will be strictly adhered to and consistently enforced by the chain of command.
  • Job descriptions will outline essential duties and will provide clear guidance to persons performing work.
  • Performance appraisals will be conducted on a regular basis to provide feedback to staff members on their job performance.  
  • The Executive Director will not allow favoritism to exist when any staff related decision is made.  
  • TASC may hire persons who are related to one another.  However, a person will not be allowed to supervise a person whom he/she is related to or a person in which he/she is romantically involved.
  • Professional boundaries will be maintained at all times.  This includes: staff-to-staff; staff-to-supported persons; staff-to-family members and staff-to-funding sources.  If professional boundaries are compromised, it should be reported to the staff member’s immediate supervisor.
  • Under no circumstances should inappropriate or exploitative activities occur between employees / volunteers /consultants and persons served.  This includes making comments of a sexual nature, advances, solicitations and/ or  physical contact of a sexual nature.
  • Staff/Volunteers/Consultants shall never abuse or neglect persons served.  Abuse includes any threat or act which is physically, emotionally or psychologically harmful or offensive.  Corporal punishment is considered abusive as is verbal or gesticular threats of violence, swearing, teasing or non-constructive criticism of individuals.   
  • If called upon to witness the processing of documents, all persons associated with TASC will do so truthfully and in a transparent manner.    
  • The resources of the agency shall be used scrupulously and only for their intended purpose.
  • Personal fundraising activities are to be limited to the sale of raffle tickets for a personal cause, cookies, or merchandise for charitable causes if approved by the Executive Director and limited to the file room,
  • Staff/Volunteers/Consultants shall not provide therapeutic services for persons served or their families outside of the agency’s programs or service umbrellas without the express written consent of the Executive Director.



  • Code-of-Iowa laws and agency policy and procedures shall be adhered to.  No part of this Code of Ethics is intended to conflict with the laws of municipal, state or federal governments.  To the extent that there is conflict, the law shall govern staff conduct.
  • Confidence revealed by persons served shall not be revealed without consent and only for compelling professional reasons.  A compelling reason is perceived danger to the person served, to others, or to the community.
  • Persons served and their legal guardians shall be informed about the purpose for which information is obtained, how it is used, and about the limits of confidentiality.
  • Persons served information shall not be discussed with anyone outside TASC (whether inquiries are made by telephone, letter, or in person) without prior written authorization of the person served or the legal guardian, except as permitted by law.
  • The confidences of other persons being served contained in records will be protected when providing individuals served, legal guardians or other privileged persons with those records or information.
  • Written authorization shall be obtained from persons served and/or their legal guardians before photographing, taping, recording or permitting third part observations of their activity for academic or research purposes.  Use of  mechanically recorded data shall be limited to the purpose stated in the written authorization form.
  • Conditions that create, maintain, and enhance ethical and competent professional performance should be encouraged by everyone.

​​Personal Property

  • Staff/Volunteers/Consultants/Board of Directors shall protect/safeguarding personal property of persons served, visitors, personnel and property owned by TASC.  Staff/Volunteers/Consultants/Board of Directors will not intentionally misappropriate, destroy, ,damage or misuse any property used in the delivery of services and/or for the benefit of those we serve.  


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