Code of Ethics for Persons Served

Person Served Code of Ethics

As a person who is receiving services from TASC, Inc,. I understand that I am responsible for my actions.  I agree to:

~   act in ways that bring respect to me, my family and friends and staff within
     the program,
~   not use bad language, swear, insult or fight with other people,
~   not engage in any form of personal abuse toward others, including verbal,
     physical and emotional abuse,
~   participate actively in my program,
~   try new activities and learn new skills to the best of my ability,
~   inform my family or caregivers of my program activities,
~   to be on time and dressed appropriately for all program activities,
~   not expect the staff to give me gifts, give me money,
~   to ask staff if I may call them at home…if they agree, I will be reasonable
     and responsible about the time of day and how often I call,
~   talk to a TASC staff about any problem that may develop, and
~   to follow all established rules and guidelines of TASC.

I have read, or this has been read to me, and I agree to abide by the TASC Code of Conduct.  I understand that if I violate this Code of Conduct, I will be subject to consequences, up to and including being prohibited from participating in any activities or programs of TASC.


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Policies & Procedures/Volume I/Code of Ethics-persons served4-18; 9-18/copy also in Volume III