Care Instructions:

Machine wash-gentle cycle, cool/warm water.  Dry on low setting for 15 minutes, then line dry (hang from selvage-not fringe end).  We recommend using “Color Catcher” by Shout to prevent any discoloration of the fringe when laundering. 

Waukon Greenhouse

27 Spring Avenue

Waukon, Iowa 

Agora Arts
104 E. Water
Decorah, Iowa

Empty Nest Winery
1352 Apple Road
Waukon, Iowa  

Plant Peddler
524 7th Street SW
Cresco, Iowa

Madigan Winery

1536 Lily Road

Lansing, Iowa

                      Unique Hand-Woven Rugs

Hand woven rugs made from recycled rayon, cotton, polyester fiber creating a beautiful, unique texture, various sizes available.

"We recently started selling these beautiful rugs at my gallery.  They are flying out of the store. The colors and textures are amazing and people love the idea that they are not only buying an amazing piece of art, but are helping others in the community by doing so."

Gail Bolson-Magnuson, Owner, Agora Arts

​Available at the TASC skill building center, 2213 Mt. Olivet Road NW, Waukon, Iowa as well as the following retailers: