Our children had encouraged us to find a living and work place before our passing.  Brian was a right hand helper on the farm for his dad. The decision for Brian leaving the farm was very hard for Jim because of the needed help Brian gave him. Brian could not express his feelings, but seeing the other children leaving home and having their place made him feel different.

We started looking for places, knowing his abilities in our local county and then moving into areas around us, not wanting him too far from home.  We knew the minute we walked into TASC, unannounced, that this was the place for Brian.  The staff was pleasant, friendly, and showed dedication to the clients.  A factor in selecting TASC was all the different work forces offered the clients with all the different abilities. TASC made sure that Brian was housed with a roommate and house manager with same interests and personality.

​As one of her brothers and co-guardian, I can attest that Kay has been with TASC since 1976.  TASC has not only been a great benefit to Kay and our family, but to our parents who passed away approximately ten years ago.  Obviously, TASC has been especially beneficial to Kay in that it’s given her pride and satisfaction in being able to keep active at over 70 years of age, not only with her various responsibilities at TASC, but also within the community.  Having grown up on a farm, it’s not unusual that neighbors and friends would also attend activities provided by TASC on Kay’s behalf.  I cannot express how satisfied and happy we are with the services that have been provided to our sister, Kay, for going on forty years.
~Patrick J. Houlihan

​Our daughter Emma Cox is in her 30s and up until a few years ago had always lived at home.  Needless to say, one can run out of fruitful and imaginative ideas to keep someone busy and interested every day.  Plus, there’s the social side of life.

When we first moved to the area, I was interested in finding Emma a place to be with her peers in an environment which might inspire her and challenge her to be more independent.  We had always tried to find such a place, but it always seemed just out of our reach.  Then we found TASC.  You know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true?”  Not true in this instance.  It was a little bit of heaving in the middle of farm county.  Emma has been going to TASC for several years now and has (by Emma’s request) moved into TASC housing, where she shares her life with 2 wonderful roommates.

I have always understood the basic fundamental needs of all people in this world to be subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity and freedom.  My experience with TASC has been nothing short of striving to meet those needs with everyone who walks through their doors. Everyone associated with this organization has my greatest respect and admiration. Emma has blossomed in her time there and refers to the staff and clients as her “family”.  She is the real testimonial.
With Gratitude,
~Robin Racicot


TASC offers qualities to Ann to attain the fullest of her abilities.  Earning pride, joy and honored as a dignified member of society.  

Sincere gratitude.


Our parents felt that TASC was a blessing because they knew their daughter was going to be safe, taken care of, supported and happy when they were not longer here to take care of her.  It provided them with peace of mind.  TASC has provided our sister the opportunity to live as independently as possible in her own home and learn skills she may have never learned.  Her roommates have become extended family member, staff are kind and caring and have taken time to learn to communicate with her.  Anytime there is a cause of concern we voiced to TASC, we felt that TASC listened, advocated for our sister and implemented necessary changes and adjustments.  We appreciate what TASC has one for our family over the past 30 years.
~Toni Kolsrud and Clark Goltz, Family of Person Served​

Persons Served

Hello.  My name is Becky Stocks.  When I first moved here in August, I was going through some bad things in my life. I hardly talked at all. After going to TASC for a month, I am now talking, laughing, joking around, making new friends and having a good time.

I like everything about TASC and what they have done for me.  I am learning a lot of stuff that I wanted to.
Other people come here too. TASC has a lot of different things that people can do and stuff to learn.
I am getting ready to get a place of my own and I know that TASC will be there for me to help me out at my new place.
I feel that TASC has changed my life.
~Becky Stocks

Hello, my name is Don and I currently live in my own apartment in the community.  I never thought I would have the opportunity or freedom to live on my own after I spent 21 years in a Residential Care Facility.

After starting services with TASC, I became comfortable in my new apartment and made friends with my neighbors in the apartment building.  I finally had the freedom to choose what I wanted to do.  I lived in the apartment building for 1 ½ years and first had staff several times a day and worked towards only having staff  a few days a week. After I felt comfortable, I moved to another apartment in the community. I now only have staff one time per week and I am able to plan my own schedule, manage my own medications, carry my own money, choose what I want to eat, cook my own meals, decorate my home as I like, be a part of the community, and I feel like I have more privacy.

I never thought I could do it.
~ Don


I work in the Life Sills Department, which I enjoy dearly.  These are people that we serve that need more one-on-one assistance such as with their personal cares, eating, teaching them life skills and doing activities daily that are offered. Some of these people cannot talk, so I have learned how to communicate with them in sign language, using a communication board or just by watching their body language.  I really like this department as it is more challenging and it always makes me happy when a person responds with a smile on their face or gives you a hug, as then you know you are doing something for them to make their life better and fun.
~Cindy Barness, Life Skills Associate 

​​Testimonial from House Manager Corinna Nelson 
They say you never really work a day in your life if you love your job. I can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB. Working with these guys on gaining skills to achieve independence, like learning how to make cheeseburgers, brings me great joy, fulfillment, and lots of laughs! Everyday is a learning experience for staff and persons served alike at TASC!

~Corrina Nelson, House Manager


​What appeals to me working at TASC is the chance to be in an environment where creative and unique styles can combine to help people discover a boundless array of choices.  I am challenged each day to make a difference to the people I serve and rewarded by being taught something entirely unexpected.
~Craig W.

When I was hired at TASC in April, 2013, I could tell right away that I was going to be working at a place that genuinely cares about clients they serve and their staff.  I have worked over 30 years in the healthcare field and I saw the clients I cared for existing but not really living their lives to the fullest.  I remember at my interview at TASC, I asked, “Can I really take my client out in the community to go to a movie or go shopping or go out to eat?”  I was told “yes and we encourage that”, and I remember thinking, wow, that is truly a great place.  I was hired as a Community Skills Training and I was going to be working at a new TASC house that was being built at the time.  When the day came to move the clients into their new home, I could see the excitement in their eyes and how much fun it was for them to decorate their rooms how they wanted with the things they loved.  I love my job because I get to see each day the clients I care for living their lives to the fullest, doing the things that enrich their lives, and when people ask me where I work, I am always proud to say, “I work at TASC”, because I see firsthand how much they care.
~Gena Beer

​I have been working for TASC for 4 years.  TASC offers competitive wages and great benefits.  I feel appreciated, valued and respected.  TASC provides me with flexibility and shifts that suite me, and the atmosphere within the company is great factor. The training courses that are provided are really exciting and the opportunity to climb the ladder within TACSC excites me! TASC understands the present day demands and is always willing to reward its employees for excellence, passion and commitment.  I feel appreciated, valued and respected.  TASC provides a great friendly, yet professional atmosphere that brings together people from all walks of life to combine and provide an effective, high level service for its client.  I’ve enjoyed working as part of a team to help achieve person’s served goals and objectives.  As a Site Manager, I love the daily interaction with the many different people, and I have built some great professional relationships within the workplace.  I thoroughly enjoy working for TASC, and I work with a great team of staff.  Although at times it is very challenging, and I can say that I get great job satisfaction from working here.
~Jill Johnson

​At TASC, we are a family.  We all work together to make sure that at the end of the day we have the most positive impact to all the people that we serve. TASC has given me countless opportunities over the last two and a half years.  TASC has been willing to work with me throughout my journey at TASC as they have helped work with my schedule to fit my personal needs.  Working for TASC is very rewarding and hard work is always appreciated.  TASC is an amazing agency to work for, and I couldn’t be more proud to say I am an employee here at TASC.
~Kayla Burroughs

I have been an Employment Specialist in the Vocational Department at TASC, Inc. for the past 9 years.  This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs I have ever had.  The individuals we serve have taught me about patience, understanding and compassion.  I have grown both professionally and personally in my job and look forward to the continuing challenges my job has to offer.  Each day brings a new adventure, and I look forward to the journey.
~ Kris Cote’

I feel as if I am constantly growing as an employee here at TASC.  I am involved with training our individuals on job-readiness skills, in hopes that they may some day obtain community employment.  Playing an active role in helping my friends here reach their goals is a very gratifying experience.

​I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I was given to become an employee of the TASC agency 20 years ago.  Before starting at TASC, I had very little experience working with individuals with disabilities, however, I quickly learned that the human service field and TASC was the place for me.

I started working in the Support Services area as a program associate.  I was able to advance my career to Support Service Coordinator in the same department a few years later.  I have formed the deepest respect of the individuals served and their families.  I have been fortunate to watch hopes and dreams become reality.  I have witnessed firsthand that even the smallest steps are noteworthy and no task may be too large when individuals are given the supports that they need.  In our busy lives, we take things for granted and we forget what is really important and what life is all about.
TASC is a great asset to Waukon and the surrounding community, and I am proud to say, “I work at TASC.”
~Sheila Snitker, Support Services Coordinator

TASC has been the best opportunity in the world for me, as I have transitioned from being a high school transition student to working as a program associate in life skills.  What I have learned from TASC is how to be able to become independent, as that was my life goal to prove to people that even if you have a disability, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

What I have learned from TASC is that no matter what, reach for the goal that you want and never give up on the goal.  In the end, it is worth it when you reach your goals.
~Zach Rethwisch


I have worked with TASC for quite a number of years. They primarily provide employment services for our mutual clientele, which has been quite successful. It has been a pleasure to work with people who can help individuals prepare for and maintain employment in a community setting. The staff at TASC truly understand and value independence and self-sufficiency for the people with disabilities we all serve.
~Curt Jones, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

We used to spend valuable time doing our own cleaning. TASC now does this for us. We are very pleased with the time this saves us and the quality of cleaning they do.  It’s nice to come into a clean office when they’re done.
~Julie Christianson, Allamakee County Extension Office

It is rare to find an organization like TASC that can provide quality services to their clients and also to their customers. They also meet and exceed the ethical standards that we require in Winneshiek County. TASC has been very valuable to us as far as contributing to the operating efficiency of our recycling department.
~John Logsdon, Chairman-Winneshiek County Board of Supervisors

I have had a business partnership with TASC and Mary Ament dating back to February of 1988.
My feeling is that it has been a win - win situation for TASC and our business.  I have had emergencies come up that I needed help immediately and TASC was always ready to step in and take care of the job at hand.
In our weekly job contract, the duties are completed, a job coach is assisting, and the clients are always smiling and friendly to my staff and my customers.
I highly recommend TASC and their services to all businesses in the community.
~Don Nagel, Manager, Quillins Food Ranch, Waukon, Iowa

​As a long-time customer of TASC, we find their cleaning service to be very valuable to our business. 

TASC staff and crews are reliable. They do a great job of cleaning.
~Bill Halverson, Systems Equipment

TASC is an excellent organization for Winneshiek County to work with.  Their assistance to the recycling department is a major factor in the effectiveness and efficiency of our program.  The services they provide for us are one of the reasons we won the Best Government Recycling Program in Iowa award in 2015.
~Terry Buenzow, Winneshiek County Recycling Department Manager