​                                                    What is TASC ?

TASC day and employment programs offer unique combinations of classroom and community-based instruction. Programs focus on job training and exposure to new activities to help persons served develop increased self-esteem and sense of community inclusion.  The activities offered allow persons to make real choices about their jobs and leisure activities.  Socialization skills are developed as persons served engage in group activities and make new friends.  Many persons served obtain and keep meaningful jobs, benefitting not only the individual, but also employers and the community at large.


TASC’s employment, day, and residential programs all encourage maximum independence for individuals who have barriers to employment or need supports with daily living skills. 

TASC offers an array of services designed to increase self-sufficiency and promote full inclusion in the community.  The type and amount of support required are individually determined for each person receiving services.  Some people may need services for only a few hours each month, while others may require daily training and assistance.

TASC is committed to individual choice and family involvement in the planning of services.  Each person served and the family members of his or her choice contribute to the person’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) and serve as members of the Interdisciplinary Team that creates a person-centered program setting goals to maximize community inclusion.

Each person’s IPP will include, but not be limited to: reason for referral, primary and secondary diagnoses, functional description of targeted objectives, measurement procedures, baseline data, goals, methodologies, and people responsible for implementation.  The Team meets every six months or more often as necessary to update the IPP.


Day Services

TASC introduces persons served to community activities that promote self-reliance and self-esteem.  Trained staff assist persons served in learning life skills such as money management and comparative shopping; cooking and use of community resources including restaurants, library, post office, wellness center;

Employment Services

TASC staff provide individualized skills instruction and support to foster successes in a supported or competitive work environment.  Pre-employment training includes job search and development methods, resume development, interview techniques, employee relations, job performance skills, and job safety.

Supported Community Living - Residential Services

TASC Supported Community Living programs are provided in partnership with the person served.  Services are designed to support the person in achieving a meaningful life in the community.  Programs are centered on the concept of providing safe, structured supportive environments that enhance the independence, dignity, personal choice, and privacy of the persons served.  Integration into the fabric of community life is the goal.